A journey to discover the simple life of Morocco


Taking a big leap off the side of a cliff proper right into a rock pool beneath was exhilarating – and a great way to kick off my time in North Africa.

Sooner than I arrived in Morocco, my ideas linked it to photos of the desert. And that’s exactly what you’ll uncover. Nevertheless a little bit of little little bit of exploration, and a 45-minute drive, took me and my comrades successfully away from the dry terrain and proper right into a paradise oasis of blue swimming swimming pools and waterfalls.

The treasures of the Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is a hidden gem, open air the village of Tamaraght, the place the desert freeway climbs, dips and bends proper right into a valley of palm timber, rock swimming swimming pools and crystal clear water.

A bit of little bit of arduous work is anxious to reap the benefits of the valley. Nevertheless even with a steady, 30-minute hike throughout the sweltering Moroccan summer season season heat, there are various rock swimming swimming pools alongside one of the simplest ways to sit back the photo voltaic’s chew.

The trek in Morocco is successfully worth it. We lastly received right here all through larger and deeper rock swimming swimming pools, and threw ourselves off heights of 5, eight and 12 metres into clear waters beneath. If leaping from cliffs into slim rock swimming swimming pools is just not your issue, do not fret – you’ll loll on a rock sooner than slipping gently into the water.

Hours had been spent lounging throughout the cool water, watching fish swim by and attempting to wrap my head around the place I actually was on the earth.

It isn’t solely the environment that stole my consideration. Day-after-day in Morocco I noticed the native’s relaxed perspective, one factor I was wanting to undertake. A country with Islam as their predominant religion comes instantly with many opinionated concepts and assumptions. My advice: put these aside and keep an open ideas. As I explored this custom a little bit of deeper, I discovered a kind, joyful and relaxed place. Morocco quickly turned one amongst my favourite places.

More time for fun

There seem like a lot much less worries in Morocco than in our westernised society. They seem to have additional time for all instances’s straightforward joys. They seem to care a lot much less about having the newest gadgets and the biggest house.

Our driver to Paradise Valley stopped to decide on up an individual hitch-hiking on the side of the freeway. Why wouldn’t we help an aged man get from degree A to B? Nevertheless throughout the western world we might be hesitant to help.

The kindness proper right here felt so refreshing and I encountered all of it by my journey. I found myself to be the happiest I had ever been, in a country totally abroad, surrounded by desert on one side and ocean on the alternative.

We survived for a few weeks on little money, having enjoyable with the native crepes and vegetable tagines. As for possessions, all I really needed was a surfboard. I spent my days shopping, learning, doing yoga, strolling by metropolis, learning regarding the custom and exploring – which included driving dune buggies into the mountains. I wore the similar clothes virtually day-after-day.

Keep away from tourist traps

My advice for travellers to Morocco is to steer clear of the vacationer traps and get out of the cities. I spent merely in the end in Marrakech, on account of I wanted to decelerate, probably not really feel rushed and take a look at new points.

Coming once more to a westernised society was a shock. The whole thing was obtainable at our fingertips; malls had been crawling with hungry prospects. They’re saying custom shock bites in case you return home. I found this to be true.

When life will get overwhelming, I normally take into accounts my time in Morocco, the place I seen how experiences suggest better than possessions. After I’ve saved some more money, I can’t be hitting the mall. I’m going to return to Morocco, with my surfboard and the clothes on my once more.