Atlas Weavers is offering a Number of Real Rugs at Reasonably priced Costs


As the adage goes, “language is the essence of one’s roots,” so is the history of Atlas Weavers. The renowned online shop offers a range of personalized mats with bespoke designs. The company puts attention to detail in each job entrusted to them, and they have gone a notch higher with their models. Working closely with prominent interior designers has made them emerge as a top shop for selling rugs online. Their customer service is excellent, and they are devoted to providing beautiful and durable textiles while maintaining their tradition.

A large variety of traditional Moroccan rugs to buy online

On why they are the best, the Founder said, “We are a premier manufacturer and supplier of original Moroccan decorative mats. Each mat has been made form a unique material with exceptional quality and designed by women from our community. Our focus is to preserve our tradition that has been there for many centuries, by incorporating herbal washes, natural spring wools, and natural dyes. We have the interest of our esteemed customers at heart, and we deliver long-lasting textiles to them without altering their originality. Most of the mats are made to uphold the culture of the Berber people in western living spaces.”

Who will not love the feeling of having a hand-woven mat whenever they return home after a busy day? Atlas Weavers have given their clients the opportunity to purchase azilal rugs online at pocket-friendly prices. The most elegant mats are found in a range of colors and sizes with unique designs that are second to none. Crafted by the Berber people of Morocco, they are artistically designed to preserve the traditions of the people while bringing warmth to houses globally. Some of them include the woven wool, fine rug, bohemian rug, Berber carpet, the Moroccan rug, azilal rug, among others. A person can contact them at any time to get a customized mat.

Moroccan carpet hand made by natural materials

Responding to a query about how to care for the rugs, the Founder went on to say, “Our rugs are handmade, and this makes them last for a long time. They can be repaired and cleaned infinitely without the patterns and designs fading off. If your rug sheds a little bit of fluff, simply remove it by brushing or vacuuming the mat. With stains or spills, soak it then mix vinegar, a small amount of mild detergent, and water into a small container then scrub gently with a toothbrush or sponge. After a long time, the rug will require thorough cleaning; we advise you seek the services of a professional cleaner.”

Atlas Weavers deliver the best epitome of warmth with their variety of rugs passed down through generations. A person can buy beni ourain rugs that are natural and made from 100% sheep wool with primary colors of brown, white, and black. Despite being made from the same material each has its geometric design and carries its charisma. They bring warmth and sophistication to any living place while leaving it snugly.

About Atlas Weavers

Atlas Weavers is a known supplier of bespoke Moroccan runner rugs at affordable prices. They have top notch customer services and always on standby to respond to customers queries and attend to their need.