A go to to this metropolis will impress you


Madonna has a house there and so does Leonardo di Caprio whereas couturier Yves St Laurent fell in love with it, bought a villa and was impressed by its moods and colours.

Its distinctive nightclubs draw the idle rich from all through the Mediterranean whereas throughout the slender streets that radiate out from the Jemaa el-Fnaa sq., the cobras of the snake charmers sway and pack-laden donkeys nonetheless plod.

Such is Marrakesh, the Purple Metropolis, the Land of God in Berber.

Inside lies the sq. and the souk, the latter a sprawling labyrinth of stalls the place a whole lot of artisans work and reside and thru which travellers can grow to be hopelessly misplaced in as long as it takes to say « What’s your best price? »

The sq. works best throughout the late afternoon and early evening when the meals stalls, storytellers and performers appear, the smoke and aromas from charcoal fires mingling with the eerie notes of the snake charmers’ flutes and the calls to prayer drifting from the minarets that pierce the skyline.

Caravans that when made the journey from Timbuktu carrying gold, ivory and slaves ended their journeys throughout the sq., as did the criminals sentenced to lack of life who had been executed there.